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This course covers the administration of CA PPM required to support the functionality implemented as part of QIC.

Course Curriculum

Managing Resources 00:09:00
This unit covers creating users, amending resource information and dealing with locked users or password resets.
Creating Roles 00:05:00
This unit covers the creation of labor roles.
Security 00:11:00
This unit covers configuring users and groups with instance, global and OBS based rights.
Creating Projects 00:05:00
This unit covers creating new projects within CA PPM, using blueprints, entering the required information, staffing and setting up a conversation with the PM.
Project Blueprints 00:09:00
Discusses what blueprints are, how to copy, create, change and publish blueprints.
Creating Project Templates 00:05:00
This unit covers the creation of a new project template and ensuring it is linked to the correct blueprint.
Document Manager (with Admin) 00:04:00
Discusses using Documents in CA PPM with the administrative configuration options.
Financial Cost Matrices 00:07:00
This unit cover the creation and management of Financial cost matrices used for costing projects and resources time booked.
Financial Classifications 00:12:00
This units covers the administration of the financial attributes available for projects and resources.
Invalid Financial Transactions 00:03:00
This units covers managing invalid timesheet financial transactions in CA PPM
Other Work 00:06:00
This units covers the administration of the financial attributes available for projects and resources.
Lookup Administration 00:11:00
This unit covers the types of lookups, their use in objects and how they appear in the Classic and New User Experiences.
OBS Administration 00:06:00
This unit covers the creation and management of OBS's.
Administering Time Reporting Periods 00:04:00
This units discusses what time reporting periods are used for as well as creating and managing the time periods.
Scheduling Jobs 00:07:00
This units covers the methods for and options when scheduling jobs and touches on setting the default notification options available.

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